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What are the negative effects of fad diets?

Diets that promise excessive weight loss are called fad diets. These diets are very difficult to follow because they are designed for quick weight loss. In fact, very few diets are based on scientific information, and most people follow these diets because of their popularity. These diets can cause several health complications because they are …

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hot peppers

Turn up the heat

Using hot spices in your dishes will help decrease the cravings for food. That is what the research stated in the British Journal of Nutrition. Want one more reason to include some heat? Researchers with the State University of New York at Buffalo discovered that capsaicin (a substance present in chilies) causes your brain to …

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Don’t overeat after your workout

Individuals will usually overestimate the number of calories they will burn off while working out. If you overestimate the calories burnt off during exercising, you might consume a lot more than you can afford to, making weight reduction and maintenance challenging. High-intensity workouts might cause you to consume a lot more food due to the rigors it will put your body through. …

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