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Losing weight does not necessarily have to be a torture for everyone. You can diet using simple to use steps that are extremely do and adapt them as a part of your lifestyle. It is certainly a challenge to eat healthily in our drive through, junk food filled world. But below is a list of some of the easiest dieting that you can follow despite all of life’s harshest challenges:

  1. Allow yourself fast food once a week for one meal

A lot of dieticians all over the world recommend this step when you are starting off with your dieting. The aim always has to be about eating healthy, no doubt, but, giving yourself the benefit of doubt and eating that one meal every week at your favorite fast food restaurant is alright. It does not make you feel that you are in prison because of the strict regime in food. The idea is to ease yourself into the healthy lifestyle and you can start making smarter choices here by ordering the choice in the menu which has the least amount of calories.

  1. Lay off the Soda

It is one of the most basic routine that you can change in your life. Substitute all the soda that you drink with water. It might not be that easy at first and you might crave for that one can of soda. If you can hold yourself from doing so for the first few days and instead substitute that with water, it can make a lot of the other dieting plans much more simple. According to reports, almost 41% of the added sugar found in the diet of children and teenagers is soda. So, laying off soda can do a lot of damage to the intake of sugar in your diet.

  1. Keep things afar

Keep small things that you need all the time in places harder to get to. Keep your smartphone in a table away from you. This will make you get up from your bed or wherever you are seated to the place/table where the phone is kept. This allows for a great way to keep your mind off cravings. Next time you have a craving of some kind, get up get a glass of water or catch on the messages on your phone. This will enable you to keep going in your diet.

  1. Eat a big, balanced breakfast

Any dietician will tell you that you must never skip breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and it plays a very important in keeping your hunger pangs at bay for the rest of the day. An early morning breakfast made up of mostly carbs and proteins with some fat is essential to keep your blood-sugar levels steady which keeps your hunger pangs at bay so that you do not end up pigging it out when lunch comes. It is advisable to eat something that is satisfying both for your taste and stomach. Having egg whites, turkey bacon and whole-wheat toast is a good example of an ideal breakfast.

  1. Switch the TV off

It is believed that you tend to eat more when you are watching TV while eating your dinner or lunch. Dining while watching TV can make you take in 40 percent more calories than usual, reports say. It is just as harmful to text, drive or do any other kind of distracting activity while eating. Instead, adopt the habit of making eating a meal an exercise to set it down in a plate and eat on a table, even if you are eating solo.

  1. Sleep properly

Lack of proper sleep causes you to stress and binge on food. When you are well rested you are less likely to snack on food to get relieved of stress you are under. Going to bed early by at least 1 hour more than normal is a great way to keep yourself fresh throughout the day. This practice is known to help you make better food choices.

  1. Exercise

Everyone cringes at the mere sound of the word. But exercise does not have to be a 2 hour ordeal that you have to suffer in a stuffed gym to keep you fit and healthy and enable you to keep your diet on watch. An exercise mat and 20 minutes is all you need to get started. There are various routines that you can chose from on YouTube consisting mainly of basic exercises like pushups, jumping jacks, planks, high knees, jumping lunges, squats etc. that can be combined in any way you please to form a set that you can repeat for two minutes with an interval of 20 seconds for rest. Repeat this set as many times as you can. That’s all. Staying in shape can be that easy.

  1. Watch the booze

We all love a drink at the end of the day, just to calm out nerves. Having one drink isn’t fatal but the problem arises when you have one too many. People who are not sleeping or eating well, are under more stress because their body is deprived of healthy nutrients. To compensate for that one drink, turns into two and two into four each time you sit to drink. This is to be resisted. Instead you can go to sleep early. This will help you relieve your stress better than an additional four glasses of alcohol.

  1. Eat in small portions, more times a day

If you were eating 3 meals a day, a guaranteed way of getting results when you are dieting is by splitting your 3 meals into 5 or 6. The breakfast can be left untouched, but the other two meals could be had in two portions with a gap of two to three hours between them. This won’t deprive your body of food for prolonged durations and also keep your hunger pangs in check.

  1. Have fruit twice a day

Another great dieting advice that all dieticians will suggest is that you must eat fruit daily. If possible, twice a day to keep your body healthy. Fruit has mostly water and no fat, so it fills you up without making you gorge on anything else and if you are worried about the carbohydrates in food, rest assured, because these are high quality carbohydrates that contain a lot of healthy fiber.

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