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What Are The Best Bedtime Snacks For Weight Loss?

Everyone likes a good bedtime snack, however, there is a large concern when it comes to weight loss. There are a lot of delicious and tempting treats out there, so below are five that will help take the edge off of your hunger while also helping with your weight loss.

Greek Yogurt with Blueberries

Greek Yogurt has a lot of benefits to help keep up your health. They have probiotics that aid digestive health as well as have protein to satisfy cravings until your next meal. If you add fresh blueberries to the mix, you add healthy antioxidants that balance out your body. The two are a powerful health combination that will aid in your weight loss as well as satisfy that late-night snack craving.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage CheeseCottage cheese is a forgotten powerhouse of health. While dairy products already help with weight loss, cottage cheese does more. With cottage cheese, you regulate your blood sugar. Being a milk product, it’s packed with calcium as well as protein to satisfy hunger. It also possesses tryptophan which helps you fall asleep easier as well as lift your mood.

Roasted Chickpeas

Having cravings for something crunchy or even salty after a meal is common, and a good chance to improve your metabolism. Roasting chickpeas and adding a little sea salt to taste you make yourself a protein and fiber-packed snack that will help fill you up. Waking up the next day, you won’t be as hungry without sacrificing weight loss.

Mixed Nuts
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Mixed nuts are a great nutritional snack that tastes great and satisfies cravings. There are so many benefits to mixed nuts, like healthy heart care as well as mental health care. A moderate amount of mixed nuts can help you lose weight and is a quick, easy, protein-filled snack to have any time of day.


Bananas are already a delicious treat, but there is more to them. Like with cottage cheese, bananas contain tryptophan so they also help with better sleep as well as boost mood. They are high in fiber so they don’t sit in your stomach they help your digestive health. They are fast carb-burning and are great for weight loss due to low calories and resistant starch. For those with a sweet tooth, having a banana is a great alternative.

These snacks above are all a great way to satisfy cravings, pack in some healthy nutrients, and help promote weight loss. With the added benefits of mood-lifting, they are great ways to keep your hunger at bay, not just for bed, but any time of day.


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