5 essential pieces of at home fitness equipment

Working out from home has been a part of our lives for years. Who can forget the popularity of Jane Fonda and Suzzane Summers’s workout programs? But it has assumed a new significance since the Covid-19 outbreak forced gyms to close all over the world. Many of us are looking for ways to exercise effectively at home in an affordable way. A lot of people can’t afford the fancy Peloton.

To achieve successful and permanent weight loss, it’s important to pay special attention to your workout routine. While many women frequent gyms, some women find this is either impractical or intimidating and prefer to work out at home. Below is some low-tech and affordable workout equipment.

#1 Dumbells

Not just for the guys, these hand-held weights come in smaller sizes that are perfect for a woman’s workout. You should be using these most as not only do they give your toned arms and shoulders they also add weight to leg and abdominal exercises such as lunges and ab curls.

#2 Yoga mat

It is thin enough to roll away neatly whilst being thick enough to give you a soft cushion. Yoga mats are long foam panels that are perfect for not only yoga but all at-home exercises, reducing pressure on sensitive joints such as knees and elbows. The rubbery material also gives you the right amount of grip thus reducing any potential accidents.

#3 Gym Ball

Most people often look past the gym ball and mistake it for “stretches-only” equipment, but it should definitely be used in your work out. It has a vast number of uses, from back support when performing crunches to front support when performing back exercises. It’s also a great way to ensure your other exercises are being performed correctly and you’re not cheating!

#4 Step bench

Aside from the exercises you need to do for toning, it’s also important to remember your aerobic exercises: the more important ones for weight loss. The best fitness equipment can be used to complete a combination of the two, and perfect for this is a step bench. A simple raised rectangular platform that can be used for fast paced step up routines and also doubles up as a workbench. The best ones allow you to adjust the height for different movements

A Step Bench

#5 Jump rope

As a kid, a jump rope would have been considered fun and not sport-related at all. It’s now time to reacquaint yourself with this childhood relic, as it’s a great (and still fun) way to increase your heart rate and burn those calories.

The choice between working out at home or joining a gym frequently comes down to personal preference and financial constraints. Working out at home could be an excellent alternative if you’re self-motivated and confident that you’ll work out regardless of what. If you discover that there are far too many distractions, leaving the house can be a better option.

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